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2008 NEB New England Boatworks Mark Mills 69 IRC Mini Maxi

  • 69 ft
  • Racer
  • West Palm Beach, FL, US

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Arguably one of the most successful IRC race boats in modern history! This continuously updated IRC Speedster is ready to carry on with tradition offering you and your team the ultimate platform for success.

New Ultra Hi Modulus Hall Rig, New EC-6 Rigging, a full inventory of current North 3di raw sails with low hours and, of course, the ultimate navigation and tactical package from Artie Means.


Advanced co brokerage Florida Sail is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Northrop & Johnson Yachts-Ships LLC (RI).



Basic Information

NEB New England Boatworks
Mark Mills 69 IRC Mini Maxi
West Palm Beach, FL, US
Available for sale in U.S. waters:
Vessel Name:
Boat Type:
Hull Material:
Hull Type:
Hull Color:
Flag of Registry:

Dimensions & Weight

69 ft - 21.03 meter
68 ft 9 in - 20.96 meter
15 ft 7 in - 4.75 meter
Draft - max:
15 ft 4 in - 4.67 meter
Bridge Clearance:
Dry Weight:


Cruise Speed:
Joystick Control:
Engine Type:
Drive Type:
Fuel Type:
75 (Individual), 75 (combined)
Max Speed:


Total Cabins:
Total Berths:
Total Sleeps:
Total Heads:
Captains Cabin:
Crew Cabins:
Crew Berths:
Crew Sleeps:
Crew Heads:




Proudly Offered for Sale: PROSPECTOR ex; ALEGRE, 68' Mark Mills / New England Boatworks IRC Inshore / Offshore Crusher.

Arguably one of the most successful IRC race boats in modern history! This continuously updated IRC Speedster is ready to carry on with tradition offering you and your team the ultimate platform for success.

New Ultra Hi Modulus Hall Rig, New EC-6 Rigging and a bunch of New North 3 DI Raw sails and, of course, the ultimate navigation and tactical package from Artie Means.

"PROSPECTOR (ex-ALEGRE, ex-CAOL ILA) has been one of the most successful
designs of her generation, an evergreen that loves to race and win."
- Mark Mills

"As timeless race boats are a rarity, PROSPECTOR (ex-ALEGRE, ex-CAOL ILA))
qualifies in all regards!"
- Ken Read, president North Sails.

Turn of the century breakthroughs in IRC yacht racing highlighted the talents of Irish Yacht Designer Mark Mills. With numerous successful smaller designs Mills collaborated with yachtsmen Andy Soriano to create ALEGRE. This collaborative effort, continuous updating and desire to achieve the best would create the most impressive team Mediterranean yacht racing had ever seen. With an owner driver, mostly Corinthian crew and the diligence of a designer and captain to keep the yacht up to date season after season ALEGRE tuned all heads.... Flash forward, in 2015 and with one short term interim owner, the Corinthian Sailing Team from the NorthEast Coast of the United States took the reins and created a set of goals that would leave most breathless..... This five year, globetrotting race program left the bucket overflowing with silverware and, for those who created the list, every box checked!!!


1. Soft Deck for Cockpit Floor - Aug 2017 & July 2020
2. Panasonic Tough Book Nav Computer - Feb 2020
3. 30ah lithium start battery with DC-DC charger - Feb 2020
4. Hall Ultra Hi-Mod Mast - Jan 2020
5. EC-6 Standing Rigging - Jan 2020
6. GS Tack Well - Dec 2019
7. Foot wedges in cockpit for Navigator & Tactician - Oct 2019
8. New Rudder needle bearings and service items - Oct 2019
9. Load pins in port and starboard pit winches - April 2019
10. Handholds extended/enlarged at companionway - April 2019
11. New hatch pump/brain from Diverse Performance Systems - April 2019
12. B&G WTP3 Processor Dec 2018
13. B&G Displays - Dec 2018
a. 7 - Color 20x20
b. 6 - 30x30
c. 2 - 10x10
14. C-Zone Electrical Control System, - Dec 2018
15. 3rd reef boom lock - Nov 2018
16. B&G Radar w removable carbon mast - June 2018
17. B&G Chart Plotter - June 2018
18. B&G Underwater Camera - June 2018
19. New handholds forward of the mast - May 2018
20. Epoxy Bottom - May 2018
21. Topside Paint - May 2018
22. New B&G Radar with Quick Disconnects and Carbon Mast - July 2017
23. Hydraulic re-pipe Jan 2017
24. Epoxy Paint in cockpit Floor - Aug 2017
25. 2 x Relion 100ah Lithium house batteries - Dec 2016
26. 200a Balmar high speed alternator - Dec 2016
27. Light weight freshwater system with custom on-deck bottle fills - Dec 2016


An extensive research program on how best to improve performance resulted in an extremely comprehensive list of modifications. This included the replacement of the mast to the latest technology, lighter, more aero rig. in conjunction with this great weight saving modification we modified the jib sheeting arrangement allowing the ability to introduce a much higher performance sail plan. To manage the larger sail plan a spinnaker drop wheel system and additional grinder pedestal were added. A linked pedestal system now utilizes the power from eight crew. This system also includes driving the runner winches. This improvement alone has made a massive improvement ensuring we were fully efficient with our W/L course sailing, as well as offshore events.

The sail plan, rigging, mast technology is always up to date and the boat has had great successes racing in Europe, the east Coast of the States and the Caribbean.


B&G WTP3 system - Installed new Dec 2018
• Wtp3 cpu (2 x serial IO, 4 x analog IO)
• Mast displays: 6 x 30/30 displays (3 x fastnet, 3 x n2k)
• Vulcan9 & 1x GFD in nav station
• 6 x GFD display, 2 x 20/20, and 2 x 10/10 displays in cockpit
• KVH gyrotrac compass with ADCU interface
• B&G ZG100 gps & backup compass
• Garmin 19x-hvs GPS receiver
• Analog gyro & H5000 Motion module
• 2 wands: 1450mm 213 style & 1450mm WS style (digital)
• B&G barometer
• Airmar DT-800 depth
• Signet paddlewheel
• String pots (5) for Rudder angle, Rake, Jib tack, Deflector, Vang position
• Diverse Loadcells with HLA amplifiers (4) for pit winches, bobstay and forestay
• RI-10 radar interface and 4G radar on removeable post

Czone distributed switching system - Installed new Dec 2018
• 7 x OI modules
• DC Meter interface with shunt
• Actisense EMU-1 engine interface
• Network bridge to B&G system
• Touch 5 control screen
• ST-10 programming interface

• Panasonic FZ-55 Toughbook - New 2020
• Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook
• Lind DC power supplies
• Splashcam underwater camera

• NAIS-400 & Nspl-400 AIS and Splitter
• Icom M605 VHF
• Sailor FB150
• Sailor fleet one - New 2019
• Iridium 9555 in docking station with Beam intelligent handset
• Pepwave BR1 - worldwide cell/wifi AP


2020 Hall BV Mast.  Ultra High Modulus, 3 spreader with Runner Deflector system
2013 Future Fibres Boom
2020 Futre Fibres EC-6 Standing Rigging
2020 Futre Fibres EC-6 Headstay with Gorilla Foil (foil new April 2020)
2016 EC-6 forestay with custom single grove foil.. saving 12KG from existing arrangement
Enerpac internal Mast Jack
2013 Custom Mechanical Mast Butt adjuster system
Locks: Main & boom with 3 reefs, MH Kites, Frac Kites, Jib, GS
Harken GP3 custom Main Luff track with luff cars and locking headboard car - New Jan 2020
Soft Vang 
Full up to date Running Rigging Suit
Full 2nd  (used) Running Rigging Suit
2020 New Running EC-6 backstay set
2019 Spare K-49 Running backstay set

Hall Spars Rig...Spare... suitable for quick change 
2008 Hall Spars carbon mast, 3 spreader fractional rig with masthead spinnaker set up and internal lock system
2008 Hall Spars boom
2010 Mast stiffened to take increased loads
2010 Lightweight carbon spreader bars
2010 Lightweight carbon spreaders
2010 Holmatro internal mast jack system 
2010 Mast and boom painted matt black
2010 Hall SCR solid carbon aerofoil standing rigging
2010 Hall solid carbon forestay and running backstays (to take increased runner loads)
2010 Future fibres bobstay
Running rigging continuously upgraded by TT rigging with custom line supplied by Marlow ropes
2011 Lightweight masthead fitted
2011 Solid carbon FF bobstay fitted
Full Set Mast Cars and Headboard Car
1 Cariboni Gas supported Vang Ram


Cariboni Piggyback Forestay/Jib Tack Ram
Cariboni Outhaul Ram
Cariboni Jib Inhauler Ram
Cariboni Jib Up/Down Ram
Cariboni Vang Ram
Cariboni Cunningham Ram
Cariboni Runner Deflector Ram
Cariboni Jib Car in/out/up/down Rams x 2
Cariboni Manual hydraulic pump, 2 of (either side of cockpit)
Cariboni Rotary Pump added 2009
Cariboni triple function control panel, 2 of (either side of cockpit)
Cariboni 5 function control panel on mainsheet pod
Cariboni Vang dump valves, 2 of within reach of helm and main trimmer
Cariboni Jib tack dump valve at pit
Cariboni Deflector dump valve activated at mainsheet position


2008  Mayville CNC machined stainless fin 4.27m draught setup..spare
2010  Mayville CNC machined stainless fin 4.72m draught setup approx 7% increase in RM over 2008 fin
2008  Lead bulb, with galleries allowing fine tuning of RM bulb weight 
2009 laser cut aluminium templates for 2008 fin
2010 laser cut aluminium templates for 2010 fin
Lifting eye for fins
Lifting eye for bulb
Die Nuts for fin/bulb bolts
2013 Bulb infill optimisation


2008 Henry Elliot rudder..spare
2009 Henry Elliot rudder (10% reduction in area from 2008 version)


65 Pit winch with speed ring Pt Side
990 Counter rotating Bitch pit winch pedestal driven through x-box (2009 upgrade)
65 Traveller winches (2009 upgrade)
1011 Pedestal driven primaries with speed rings
990 Pedistal driven Runner winches (2014 Pedistal upgrade from top handle)
990 Pedestal driven mainsheet winch
Quadruple pedestal system with overdrive boxes fitted to Primaries and Bitch
Harken stomp button control for all OD Boxes and Clutches
Cariboni hydraulic rotary pump linked into pedestal system
600 series oil Bevel Boxes


Custom West engineering Pushpits/Pulpits
RORC compliant wire lifelines
Custom C-Spar Composite Stanchens
Harken Jib tracks with Custom Cars and Towing system
Harken Mainsheet tracks
Wichard titanium Padeyes
Spinlock Clutches/Jammers, continuously upgraded (boat used for development by spinlock special projects)
Harken Ti lwr Runner Blocks
Harken Tulip Sheave Spin Blocks
4 x Harken twin Handle top winch Handles
4 x Ronstan quick release single handle top winch handles
Full set of cockpit floor covers
Winch Covers
Wheel Covers
Pedestal Covers
Inshore/Offshore boom covers with sun awning
Mooring lines
Singe Point lifting sling and oversized shackle - new Nov 2019


Pre-preg Carbon hull and deck with nomex core and high density foam core inserts
2009 Under hull fully faired and re-sprayed using Durapox to achieve a high sheen racing finish
2010 Hull re-faired and re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2010 Deck re-faired and re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2010 Interior re-faired and re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2010 New Green Marine large sliding foredeck hatch with inflatable seal system fitted
2010 Second set of spinnaker block take off points fitted
2010 Runner pods fitted to take runner winch upgrade
2010 Deck re-inforced to take traveller winch upgrade
2010 Coach roof modified to take new jib in-hauler system to allow tighter sheeting angles
2010 Deck re-enforced in way of outboard lead pad eyes
2010 Deck re-enforced in way of pit clutches
2010 Keel frame re-enforced to take increased righting moment
2010 Removable wheel crash bars can be fitted for offshore races
2010 Bowsprit end modified for easy rigging of 2:1 tack lines
2011 Bowsprit lengthened
2011 Deck re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2011 Bilges re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2011 Foils re-faired and re-sprayed by Rocket Yachts/Greg Peck
2012 Deck Gloss/Non-Skid Re-sprayed
2012 Bow interior sprayed
2012 Galley area resprayed
2012 Silver interior areas aft resprayed
2012 Floors aft re-sprayed
2012 Keel fin/bulb re-sprayed/finished
2012 100kg removed form interior coffin size reduced, new fuel tank, galley cupboards reduced.
2017 New Soft Deck being replaced July 2020
2017 Epoxy paint sprayed under new Soft-Deck
2012, 2017, 2019 All deck gear removed and fully serviced
2012 Hydraulic rams returned to Cariboni for servicing
2012 New floorboard made for interior
2012 New steering pedestal heads and bearing system
2013 Jib Track inboard modification and coach house redesign to suit
2013 Install of Bitch/Pit Spinnaker Drop-line wheel
2020 GS Tack well installed to get GS tension on lock
2013 Foredeck Jib trough upgrade for low Jib tack positioning and rake changeability
2013 Full Deck repaint .. Non Skid and Deck Gloss
2013/14 Bow Pole Strengthen and install of redesigned pole end with peeling ability
2014 Install of Aft Pedistal System for 8 man input to all systems


14 bunks total
2 x sets of Bunk cushions
1 x 200 litre Fuel Delivery tanks
2 x 100 L Water Bladders
Pressurised water system to galley
Fully enclosed heads compartment with fitted head/sink unit
Fitted galley unit with sink/storage and 2 burner gas stove
Floorboards in main area re-sprayed 2012
Spare Carbon Floorboard set


Yanmar 4JH4 75hp w/Mechanical Gearbox
Armatec retracting propulsion system.
2 x Relion 100ah Lithium house batteries - New Dec 2016
1 x 30ah lithium start battery with DC-DC charger - New Feb 2020
200a Balmar high speed alternator - New Oct 2020 with spare
Spinlock Throttle system with Teleflex mechanical cables - new Dec 2018
Lightweight custom Polypropelene 50L Fuel tank
Jabsco roving Bilge Pump


Yacht equipped to ISAF CAT1 safety including the following
Sea Anchors
CAT 1 Flare Pack
2 Aluminium fortress anchors
Offshore First Aid Kit
2 x 10man lightweight carbon Ocean Safety Liferafts new 2011 & 2017, in Date @ 8/2022 & 1/2023
2 x MOM Modules, in Date @ 12/2020


1 x 40ft Container White, painted 2013


MN-9 - 3Di Raw Built with 3 reefs with 2 installed. New Jan 2020 - used in one event
MN-8, Delivery Main with 3 reefs
J1-20 3Di Raw New and unused, J1-8 , J1-E, J1-F
J2-8 3Di Raw, New Jan 2018, lightly used - 3 events J2-C, J2-E
J3-8 3Di Raw, New Dec 2018 never used, J3- Delivery Jib
J4-8 3Di New Dec 2018 never been used
A0-8 3Di Raw, Cableless, New Jan 2018
A1-8 new Dec 2018, Lightly used 1 event, A1-D A1-E
A1.5-20 New April 2020 - never been used, A1.5-1 A1.5-C
A2-20 New April 2020 - never been used, A2-8, A2-D, A2-E
A2-8+ New Jan 2018, A2+-C
A-3-8 Cuban New Jan 2018
A4-8, New Dec 2018 never used
A5 -8 New Jan 2018 Never been used
Fr0-20 3Di Raw New May 2020 never been used
Br0-8, 3Di Raw New Dec 2018 - Capable of both high and low positions
SS-8 New Jan 2018
GS-9 Square-Top New June 2019 Lighly used 1 event, GS-8
Storm Jib-9 New June 2019 - Never used
Storm Trysail
All furling sails on KZ equipment with Integrators, New 2018-2020

Delivery Sails
• Main
• J-2
• J-4
• A-3
• BrO
• GS

Battens to Suit Sails
Assorted Battens

N&J Disclaimer

Specifications and details of this vessel are provided in good faith for informational purposes only. Data regarding the specifications, operating characteristics and condition of the vessel was obtained from sources believed reliable but is not guaranteed by owner or brokers. Buyer assumes responsibility to verify all speeds, capacities, consumption and other measurements contained herein and otherwise provided and agrees to instruct his agent or surveyor to confirm such details prior to purchase. Vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price and inventory changes and withdrawal from market without notice.

Engine hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker has been told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot and does not guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise, and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing brochure.


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